Cinema & TV

Production and postproduction for Tv and cinema documentaries.

Corporate Video & Spot TV

Corporate video communication in its maximum expression.

Format TV

Production and postproduction of format tv and TV advertsiments.


Skylight Italia is a production and post production company with offices in Catania and operating all around Europe. It's specialized in documentaries and video productions for business, such as corporate videos and promotional product. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of its international level photographers, Skylight Italia is also photographic agency specializing in news, reports and institutional.

The team, composed of experienced professionals both nationally and internationally, over the years has developed a wide range of multilingual works with different styles and subjects, meeting the needs of everyone, either large established or small start-up phase companies.

In addition, the collaboration with Mercury Productions in New York, winner of awards such as “The International Film and Television Festival of New York” and “The London International Film Festival”, strengthens or ability to create competitive products at high international level.

Companies like Hyundai, Pfizer, Novartis, BNL, History Channel, Canon and Ford have chosen to work with us.

Use our experience!

Characteristics of service

We entrusted every link of the chain to professionals.


The best directors in the service for better visual communication.

Accredited Copywriters

Journalists present and describe your company and your products.


International level photoreporters for news, reportages and institutionals.

Video Editing

The delicate phase pf post-production is entrusted to video editors with decades of experience both nationally and internationally.

3D & Visual Effects

3D reconstructions and the latest compositing techniques make presentations compelling.

Referenced Speakers

Speakers at a national level – Sky, Mediaset, Rai, BBC – give voice to your video.

Portfolio Video

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Portfolio Fotografico

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