The documentary technique and the use of film language are the most effective and highly emotional means to communicate through a seductive narrative style, authoritative voices, texts, music and primarily images affecting straight to the heart of the viewer.

1943 - The Armistice of Cassibile

The Town of Valverde - Italy

Berbers from Djerba

The Social Integration

Little Sammy Davis

The Chief Di Mauro


Commissioned by the University of Milan Bicocca, the documentary has as its main focus the research of Professor Brugnatelli, linguist, writer and university professor, considered one of the greatest contemporary scholars of Berber language.

The shooting, carried out over three weeks in the Mediterranean island of Djerba, depict the life of the small Berber community, one of the few left in the world, in an area rich in history and ancient crafts still carried out, dating back to Neolithic.