About us

Skylight Italia is a production and post production company with offices in Catania and operating all around Europe. It's specialized in video productions for business, such as corporate videos and promotional product, and historical and cultural documentaries to promote tourism. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of its international level photographers, Skylight Italia is also photographic agency specializing in news, reports and institutional.

The team, composed of experienced professionals both nationally and internationally, over the years has developed a wide range of multilingual works with different styles and subjects, meeting the needs of everyone, either large established or small start-up phase companies.

In addition, the collaboration with Mercury Productions in New York, winner of awards such as “The International Film and Television Festival of New York” and “The London International Film Festival”, strengthens or ability to create competitive products at high international level.

Companies like Hyundai, Pfizer, Novartis, BNL, History Channel, Canon and Ford have chosen to work with us.

Use our experience!

Core Business

- Video Production and Postproduction
- Corporate Video Productions
- Healthcare & Pharma Video Productions
- Documentaries
- Photoreportage
- Commercial Video Productions
- Spot TV, Social Movie
- Viral Video & Promo Video
- Meeting Video Content Productions
- Duplication CD e DVD
- Corporate App for Ipad & Android

Fabio Fagone
Executive Producer

Specialized in video corporate and documentary as video editor he carried out a number of audiovisual products, including several corporate videos, news and viral video...
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Arlen Tarlofsky

An award-winning director who has created hundreds of films and videos throughout his career, Arlen Tarlofsky founded Mercury Productions in 1975 with a vision for bringing...
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Pierluigi Diotallevi
Director of Photography

Son of art, he has a curriculum of excellence. Director of Photography for a lot of italian broadcast networks such as LA7 and Mediaset, he is responsible, together with his brother Marco, of the Centro Sperimentale TV in Rome.

Alessio Mamo

His pictures have been published in major international magazines such as Newsweek, Time, The Sunday Times, National Geographic, Geo, Geo voyage, L'Espresso, The Guardian...
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Marcello Panebianco

Professional of video industry with over twenty years experience has collaborated on numerous corporate videos and documentaries. He works with the latest generation machines in Full HD and 4K.

Giuseppe Murabito
Drone Pilot

Expert cameraman specializing in aerial shooting through drone. The device used is the DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drone 4 4K Camera, the latest discovery in the field of aerial photographs with endless possibilities of movement and tracking.

Giuseppe Cantone

Copywriter since 2006, has achieved a great experience in the copywriting field applied to the corporate. His studies in technology allow him to join the literary skills to the scientific message.

Erika Escher
Video Editor

Video editor since 2000 has specialized in the fashion industry and documentary. Workaholic and used to working under stress, she manages to mold each job by impressing shape and rhythm to her works.

Giovanni Grasso
Audio Editor

He has been working as a sound engineer and sound editor for over twenty years in a/v productions industry with the best applications such as Pro Tools HD 3, Avid Digidesign, Logic MIDI.